To inspire interest in Astronomy by creating opportunities to view the night sky and learning about our place in the universe which is the key to understanding our origin and our future.

Explore the universe with us! Want to meet people interested in sharing their enthusiasm for astronomy? We hold regular meetings once a month open to anyone. In the summer, we have outdoor observing sessions and telescopes and other gear for members’ use.

Regular Meetings

Meetings are held at the Wilmont Community Centre on Water St East in Summerside on the last Sunday of each month from 07:00pm to 09:00pm. Guests are always welcome at our regular meetings. A regular meeting consists of a briefing on the monthly sky calendar, a topic covering a constellation, a planet or another celestial subject or a back-to-basics topic. At the mid-point, there is a short break with snacks, coffee, tea and hot chocolate. The second half of the meeting consts of another topic, a presentation, or video presentation. Topics at the club range from planets, meteors, space flights, stars, galaxies, ET’s and any other topic that relates to space and space technology. Presentations are done by members of the club or guest speakers, are on voluntary basis where a member may share his or her knowledge about a subject with the club. We are family-friendly and entertain all ages and levels of difficulties. Club members also plan special activities, such as summer stargazing parties, picnics, winter sleigh rides, sidewalk-astronomy, meteor-shower observing sessions, etc.

Our Story

The Athena Community Astronomy Club originated from a 1967 Canadian Centennial project that installed an observatory and 10″ Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope atop Athena Regional High School in Summerside, Prince Edward Island.

The originators of the project maintained the club for several years but, as often happens, could not maintain member interest to keep the organization active.

In 1985, several citizens connected with the original group revived the concept and started meeting under the name Athena Community Astronomy Club. In October, 1986, the club was officially named and a constitution created. The club has continuously operated since then, with usually registering about 20 regular members of all ages.

The Club meets monthly during most of the year, and often holds Star Parties in place of regular meetings during the summer months. The Club is also dedicated to public outreach and education, something that was boosted during the 2009 International Year of Astronomy.

Partial Solar Eclipse 2017

Our Inventory

The club owns a few telescopes (17-inch, 10-inch, 8-inch, various eye pieces), we have a small library full of great reading material to expand your knowledge, and many other things for you to discover – come by and have a look for yourself.

History of the Dome

Coming soon sometime maybe.