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Daily Astronomy Blurb: The Pelican Nebula in Red and Blue

The Pelican Nebula is changing. The entire nebula, officially designated IC 5070, is divided from the larger North America Nebula by a molecular cloud filled with dark dust. The Pelican, however, is particularly interesting because it is an unusually active mix of star formation and evolving gas clouds. The featured picture was processed to bring out two main colors, red and blue, with the red dominated by light emitted by interstellar hydrogen. Ultraviolet light emitted by young energetic stars is slowly transforming cold gas in the nebula to hot gas, with the advancing boundary between the two, known as an ionization front, visible in bright red across the image center. Particularly dense tentacles of cold gas remain. Millions of years from now this nebula might no longer be known as the Pelican, as the balance and placement of stars and gas will surely leave something that appears completely different. APOD in world languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (Beijing), Chinese (Taiwan), Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Farsi, French, German, Hebrew, Indonesian, Korean, Montenegrin, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Taiwanese, Turkish, Turkish, and Ukrainian
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Trudy Almon
The Sunday Night Astronomy Show is live now on Facebook and YouTube. Please Like/Follow/Share or Thumbs Up/Subscribe.www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWbPDLFAz-EThe Sunday Night Astronomy Show - A Talk About Galaxy SeasonOn tonight's episode: In the summer months, we stare back at the center of the Galaxy. In the winter months, we're looking in the opposite direction, away from the Galaxy's center and into the spiral arm.. but in the Spring and Fall, we look outward into deep space. This brings an opportunity to see many more Galaxies, that form large clusters. It's Galaxy season... and a time to focus on patches of sky where Galaxies appear so plentiful that is easy to capture two or more in the eyepiece at the same time. Tonight Paul, Mike and Chris will take a closer look at an especially rich part of the night sky to help you find some of these treasures. And we'll show a few examples of what can be revealed through photography or with your eyes at the eyepiece under a dark sky.We're also going to discuss an activity that is pursued by a number of astronomers at this time of year... kind of a right of passage.. the Messier marathon. We'll discuss it's purpose and objectives.We'll also have another Rosanna's Fun Facts segment, as well as your wonderful photo submissions for the week.. and we'll take all of your questions on the night sky. Hope you can join us. 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less
NOTICE: Anyone in the Summerside, or even P.E.I., realm probably knows by now of the unexpected COVID breakout in the area: welcome to the party!As such, a restriction has been re-imposed on community-use facilities, which affects the ACAC monthly meeting. The planned February meeting for tonight, Sunday evening, has been postponed until further notice, such notice being the lifting of the current restriction.Too much information?Short and sweet: no ACAC meeting for tonight, but we will keep information available as to when we can reconvene... hopefully soon.Until then, rest in your contemplation of the universe at your leisure and delight us with your impressions when we next gather! ... See MoreSee Less
Just a reminder of the February meeting, to be held this coming Sunday, 7 - 9 p.m., at Wilmot Community Centre on Gillespie, off Water St. East and behind the Needs convenience store. Might be some time spent on a Special General Meeting, but we will also have presentations as usual. ... See MoreSee Less
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