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Daily Astronomy Blurb: Mystic Mountain Monster being Destroyed

Inside the head of this interstellar monster is a star that is slowly destroying it. The huge monster, actually an inanimate series of pillars of gas and dust, measures light years in length. The in-head star is not itself visible through the opaque interstellar dust but is bursting out partly by ejecting opposing beams of energetic particles called Herbig-Haro jets. Located about 7,500 light years away in the Carina Nebula and known informally as Mystic Mountain, the appearance of these pillars is dominated by dark dust even though they are composed mostly of clear hydrogen gas. The featured image was taken with the Hubble Space Telescope. All over these pillars, the energetic light and winds from massive newly formed stars are evaporating and dispersing the dusty stellar nurseries in which they formed. Within a few million years, the head of this giant, as well as most of its body, will have been completely evaporated by internal and surrounding stars. APOD across world languages: Arabic, Catalan, Chinese (Beijing), Chinese (Taiwan), Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Farsi, French, French, German, Hebrew, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Montenegrin, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish and Ukrainian
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3 weeks ago
Bubo Observatory

The new scope finally made it into the dome.
Let me introduce you to my new friend, Kilroy.

4 weeks ago
Young moon and bright Venus after sunset April 24 to 26 | EarthSky.org

After the sun sets on April 24-26, 2020, look west for the waxing crescent moon near the brightest planet in Earth's sky, Venus.

1 month ago
International Dark Sky Week Is Here: Celebrate the Night! - Sky & Telescope

Look around and note how many lights there are in yor view.

This week is International Dark Sky Week! Join the International Dark-Sky Association online, where it's hosting a myriad events celebrating this event.

1 month ago

Due to the continuing COVID-19 closure of the Wilmot Community Centre, the April 26 meeting of the ACAC will not take place. The club will distribute the May Skycalendar electronically by e-mail to club members or in print where necessary.

1 month ago
Meet Dubhe, Giant of the Big Dipper - Sky & Telescope

Star watching.

Of the seven stars in the Big Dipper, Dubhe is an outlier. Its color, speed across the sky, and evolutionary age set it apart from its comrades.

1 month ago
The Sky This Week from April 17 to 24

Fill your physical distancing time.

Enjoy the Lyrids’ peak and watch the Galilean moon Io trek across the face of Jupiter in the sky this week.