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Daily Astronomy Blurb: A Lunar Corona with Jupiter and Saturn

Why does a cloudy moon sometimes appear colorful? The effect, called a lunar corona, is created by the quantum mechanical diffraction of light around individual, similarly-sized water droplets in an intervening but mostly-transparent cloud. Since light of different colors has different wavelengths, each color diffracts differently. Lunar Coronae are one of the few quantum mechanical color effects that can be easily seen with the unaided eye. Solar coronae are also sometimes evident. The featured composite image was captured a few days before the close Great Conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter last month. In the foreground, the Italian village of Pieve di Cadore is visible in front of the Sfornioi Mountains. New: APOD is now available in Taiwanese from National Central University
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2 days ago

Trudy Almon

The Sunday Night Astronomy Show is live now on YouTube and Facebook... please remember to Thumbs Up/Subscribe or Like/Follow/Share.


The Sunday Night Astronomy Show

On tonight's episode: Paul will talk about processing all the data collected while taking photos and guide us through some of the steps for great astrophotos... calibration frames, what are they and why. Also, a talk on taking a quick look at the winter skies on a cold night using binoculars... what ones will do and a few favorite winter sky targets. Plus the regular segments... Rosanna's Fun Facts, What's New in Space, and your wonderful photos... Hope you can join in!
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1 week ago

Trudy Almon

The Sunday Night Astronomy Show is live now on Facebook and YouTube... please remember to Like/Follow/Share or Thumbs Up/Subscribe!


The Sunday Night Astronomy Show
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2 weeks ago

Trudy Almon

The Sunday Night Astronomy Show is live now on YouTube and Facebook... Please remember to Thumbs Up/Subscribe or Like/Follow/Share!



On tonight's episode: A new series called "Constellation of the Month" and since Orion is a major and probably most recognizable winter constellation they'll start there tonight. They'll begin with a presentation on the basics of Orion, then how to find the most interesting treasures within using binoculars or a scope and finally how to capture those treasures digitally. They'll also have the regular segments,... What's New in Space, Rosanna's Fun Facts and, of course , your wonderful photo submissions for the week.
Hope you can join in 🙂... and please consider sharing so we can offer it to everyone 🙂
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3 weeks ago

Trudy Almon

The Sunday Night Astronomy Show is live now on YouTube and Facebook. Please remember to give a Thumbs Up/Subscribe or Like/Follow/Share.



On tonight's episode: We're offering an open "Gearbox" segment tonight, with time to discuss what new astronomy gizmos you may have received, and to answer any questions about them that you may have. We're also looking back at the past year, and asking for your input on where we take the program in 2021. Are there segments on the show that you enjoy most? Are there other interest you would like us to pursue on the program? We want you to come back, so we're opening up the discussion to ask you what keeps you coming back to join us. We'll also have a look at the best celestial events for 2021, along with a Rosanna's Fun Facts segment, your wonderful photo submissions, and more. We hope you can join us 🙂
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