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Daily Astronomy Blurb: Confirmed Muon Wobble Remains Unexplained

How fast do elementary particles wobble? A surprising answer to this seemingly inconsequential question came out of Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York, USA in 2001, and indicated that the Standard Model of Particle Physics, adopted widely in physics, is incomplete. Specifically, the muon, a particle with similarities to a heavy electron, has had its relatively large wobble under scrutiny in a series of experiments known as g-2 (gee-minus-two). The Brookhaven result galvanized other experimental groups around the world to confirm it, and pressured theorists to better understand it. Reporting in last week, the most sensitive muon wobble experiment yet, conducted at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) in Illinois and pictured here, agreed with the Brookhaven result. The unexpected wobble rate may indicate that an ever-present sea of virtual particles includes types not currently known. Alternatively, it may indicate that flaws exist in difficult theoretical prediction calculations. Future runs at Fermilab's g-2 experiment will further increase precision and, possibly, the statistical difference between the universe we measure and the universe we understand.
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1 week ago

Trudy Almon
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3 weeks ago

Trudy Almon
The Sunday Night Astronomy Show is live now on YouTube and Facebook... please remember to Like/Follow/Share or Thumbs Up/Subscribe!www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnjEh3hXwv0www.facebook.com/astrobythebay/videos/2874522626201210On tonight's episode: Join Chris, Mike and Paul as they answer your questions about using binoculars for astronomy... what should you look for? Can you really see much with binoculars? Are they really a worthwhile investment for viewing the night sky? They will also discuss some of their finer points, how to choose the best set for you and why you'll find them a very important part of your stargazing experience. Plus "Rosanna's Fun Facts", photo submissions, "Binocular Target of the Week" and they'll be introducing their first "Where Are They Now" segment.. a discussion around some current space missions. Hope you can join in! ... See MoreSee Less