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1 month ago
Argyle Recreation - Active Living

Stargazing with Tim

Astronomer Tim Doucette from Deep Sky Eye observatory explains how to use stars for navigation, constellations, meteor showers, and how to reduce light pollution.

Here is the link to the light pollution project explained at the end of the video: https://swnovastargazing.com/capthelight/

1 month ago

Due to COVID 19 cautions, the Wilmot Community Centre will not be available until September. The ACAC will not be offering its regular monthly meeting until the end of that month. Stay tuned for other events, such as Baywalk Astronomy which should start in early July, the annual BBQ event, and meteor watches, etc.

1 month ago
Bubo Observatory

Happy solstice! Summer starts at 18:43 ADT today!
And thus ends the strangest spring in my life!

1 month ago

This puts things in perspective.

1 month ago
No Sun

Sorry (not sorry).

credit @r/dadjokes

2 months ago
Bill Nye The Science Guy

‪I’ve had a lot on my mind — I hope you have, too‬.