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Daily Astronomy Blurb: Eye of Moon

Who's watching who? The featured image of the Moon through a gap in a wall of rock may appear like a giant eye looking back at you. Although, in late October, it took only a single exposure to capture this visual double, it also took a lot of planning. The photographic goal was achieved by precise timing -- needed for a nearly full moon to appear through the eye-shaped arch, by precise locating -- needed for the angular size of the Moon to fit iconically inside the rock arch, and by good luck -- needed for a clear sky and for the entire scheme to work. The seemingly coincidental juxtaposition was actually engineered with the help of three smartphone apps. The pictured sandstone arch, carved by erosion, is millions of years old and just one of thousands of natural rock arches that have been found in Arches National Park near Moab, Utah, USA. Contrastingly, the pictured Moon can be found up in the sky from just about anywhere on Earth, about half the time.
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3 days ago

Trudy Almon

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On tonight's episode... it's the last episode on What to Buy for Christmas. RASC-NB Center members Mike, Paul and Chris will offer their last recommendations for those stargazers on your list.
They'll also have a couple of special announccements to make, one concerning a new project of one of the cohosts and the other dealing with future support.

They'll also take a look at What's Up in Space this Week, present a new Rosanna's Fun Facts segment, as well as show off some of your wonderful photo submissions. And they hope to offer some live views of celestial targets if the skies stay clear, so a little something for everyone. Hope you can join in!
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1 week ago

Trudy Almon

The Sunday Night Astronomy Show is live now on YouTube! Please remember to Thumbs Up/Subscribe!!


The discussion on those astronomy gifts to buy for that stargazer on your list will continue. Mike sends his regrets for this evening due to work, so Paul and Chris will fill the show with what they think are some of the more practical and best priced items to consider when choosing gifts for night sky viewing. There will also be another interesting segment of "Rosanna's Fun Facts", where Paul will discuss the recent disappointing news about the Arecibo Telescope. Plus your wonderful photo submissions and a look at what to enjoy in the night sky over the cooming week. Hope you can join in!! ๐Ÿ™‚
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