Target(s) acquired!…

Posted by: NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope
🎯 Target(s) acquired!

The targets of Webb’s first images and data have been announced:

SMACS 0723 – The deepest ever deep field, this image features galaxy clusters nearer us that magnify the light of objects behind them, allowing us to see even farther.

WASP-96b – An exoplanet, a planet outside our solar system, WASP-96b is composed mainly of gas and orbits its star about 1,150 light-years from Earth.

Southern Ring Nebula – Nebulae aren’t just stellar nurseries. The Southern Ring Nebula is a planetary nebula – an expanding cloud of dust and gas surrounding a dying star.

Stephan’s Quintet – Stephan’s Quintet was the first compact galaxy group ever discovered, in 1787. Four of the five galaxies in Stephan’s Quintet repeatedly come close to each other.

Carina Nebula – Nebulae are stellar nurseries, where stars are born, and the Carina Nebula is the largest and brightest nebula in our sky, home to many stars larger than our Sun.

Tune in on July 12 at 10:30 am ET (14:30 UTC) on as we reveal Webb’s first images and #UnfoldTheUniverse together.

Image credit: NASA/Chris Gunn

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