Ok… it’s 4 o’clock on a Wednesday,…

Posted by: Athena Community Astronomy Club
Ok… it’s 4 o’clock on a Wednesday,
And the sky is showing blue.
The weather-wizards say,
In their over-confident way,
That cloud and rain will move through.

Ahhh… what do the weather-wizards know anyway;
One doesn’t know until one knows.
That said, if the sky stays clear, a couple of the Athena Community Astronomy Club members will be down on the Summerside Baywalk, by the Shipyard building, to offer glimpses of the universe as we may, light pollution, wind, and atmospheric conditions considered, setting up at about 8:45 and continuing until about 11 or as decided based on Baywalk activity.

Regardless of our weekly effort – try as we might – keep your eyes on your skies and see what you can see.

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